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What Makes WAVE Rhinoplasty Clinic Popular and Special?

Keys to a Successful Rhinoplasty are the Satisfaction on both External and Internal results

WAVE Always Keep Focus On :
To Improve Your Nasal Breathing and To make Your Nose Look Better

Internal and External Nose are not Separated problems.

Sucessful Rhinoplasty should only be performed when a nasal functional improvement comes together.

Your nasal function is so important for us as much as your cosmetic beauty, WAVE rhinoplasty surgeons always diagnose your nasal problems on both your internal and external nose for a successful rhinoplasty.

WAVE Rhinoplasty Clinic
A New Global Reference

Design and Choose Your Desired Nose by Yourself

The Ideal Beauty of Nose Is Always Shifting Times, Regions, and Trend

No more Silmilar-looking Nose, We Provides Customized Rhinoplasty for Each of You to Build New Reference and Create Global Trend.

" WAVE Aims for Internal Structural Perfection and External Beauty "

ENT Specialist

M.D. Jin, Sang Gyun

  • - B.S. in The Ohio State University
    - M.D. in the School of Medicine, Catholic University of Korea
    - Master’s Degree in School of Medicine, Catholic University of Korea
    - Medical Residency in Dept. of Otolaryngology at The Catholic University of Korea,
    Catholic Medical Center Fellowship in The Catholic University of Korea, ST. Vincent’s Hospital

    Former) Professor of Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, The Catholic University of Korea
    (Former) Director of Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic
    (Former) Director of GNG Hospital
    (Present) Director of WAVE Rhinoplasty Clinic
    Regular Member of Korea Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Regular Member of Korean Rhinologic Society
    Regular Member of Korean Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

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  • WAVE Rhinoplasty Clinic is Speical

    Prosthesis-Free Rhinoplasty Makes Your Nasal Bridge and Nasal Tip Shapes Looking-Great By Only Your Own Cartilage

    Our unique rhinoplasty technique performs a nose job using only autologous cartilage without risk of implant rejection and for your safety. WAVE’s special rhinoplasty is SAND-PLANT, a micro-cut autologous cartilage, which helps not only your nose look beautiful and natural, but your quick recovery.

    What Makes WAVE Rhinoplasty Clinic Superior?

    • 01

      Precise Diagnosis Using 3D-CT Imaging and Nasal Endoscopy to Check Your Nose

    • 02

      Planning a surgical procedure considering autologous cartilage amount and thickness. Then, design your ideal nose based on diagnostic results

    • 03

      After harvesting and modifying autologous cartilages, they are grafted to form nasal bridge and the nasal tip

    • 04

      Improvement of nasal functional problems such as nasal congestion, nasal valve collapse, deviated nasal septum, etc.

    New Reference for Global Rhinoplasty

    Create Your Nose into the Ideal Nose

    • Short Nose

      Rhinoplasty for Augmentation considering of your ideal facial ratio

      Check Point

      - Customized rhinoplasty for cartilage development degree

      - Diagnosis and correction of internal nasal function issues

      - Design Your nose considering a facial shape

    • Crooked Nose

      Rhinoplasty for correction of anatomical and functional problems

      Check Point

      - Correction of interal nasal structural

      - Correction of external nasal structural

      - Design Your nose considering a facial shape

    • Hooked Nose

      Rhinoplasty for ideal nose ratio (length and height)

      Check Point

      - Customized nasal length and shape for your face

      - Correction of internal and external nasal structures

      - Design Your nose considering a facial shape

    • Bulbous Nose

      Rhinoplasty for a better nasal tip

      Check Point

      - Analysis on various causes of bulbous nose: skin, cartilage

      - Customized ideal design

      - Design Your nose considering a facial shape

    • Alar plasty

      Rhinoplasty for a beautiful and natural nasal tip to make nostrils less visible

      Check Point

      - Analysis on various causes of bulbous nose: skin, cartilage

      - Customized ideal design

      - Design Your nose considering a facial shape

    What Makes WAVE Rhinoplasty So Special?

    • 1:1 Customized Consulting

      1:1 interpretation for foreigners
      Consulting with skilled interpreters
      Environment for focusing on surgery

    • Outstanding Expert

      Rhinoplasty by ENT specialist based on a high-level of anatomical knowledge with excellent
      medical careers

    • Precise Diagnosis

      Precise diagnosis on anatomy of your nose and great establishment of surgical plan using
      3D-CT and endoscopy.

    • Safety Sterilized System

      HEPA filter ventilation system in operation rooms prevent any infection and preserve an
      aseptic environment.


    7F, 557, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (Janwon-dong, Sunghan Bldg.)

    02. 547. 1379

    WAVE Rhinoplasty Clinic, 7F, Sung Han Bldg., in Front of Non-hyeon Station via Exit 8


      Monday to Friday AM 10:00 ~ PM 7:00

      Saturday AM 10:00 ~ PM 4:00

      ※ Closed on Sunday and Holidays.

    WAVE Rhinoplasty Clinic is Certified by Ministry of Health and Welfare.